Training Course on 'Tourism Statistics' in Malaysia, 26-28 October 2015

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    In accordance with its 2015 Annual Work Plan, SESRIC organised the training course on ‘Tourism Statistics’ at the Department of Statistics (DoS) of Malaysia on 26-28 October 2015, within the framework of the Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme. The course was conducted by Mr. Akhmad Tantowi, Expert at BPS-Statistics Indonesia with participation of relevant officials of DoS.
    The course also included discussion activities and covered the following topics:
     Overview of the International Recommendations on Tourism Statistics 2008 (IRTS 2008)
     Measurement and economic analysis of tourism
     An overview of the new TSA international standards
     Demand side data: Domestic tourism, Outbound tourism & Inbound tourism
     Supply side data: Industry data
     Tables, Accounts and Aggregates
     A Comparative Study on the Compilation Methods of TSA for some countries
     Overview of Input Output Table
     Input Output Table and TSA: Experiences from the Indonesian TSA
     Challenges: Contribution of tourism sector at subnational level, Big data


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