Study Visit on ‘Gender Statistics’ to Sudan on 20-22 November 2017

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    In accordance with its 2017 Annual Work Plan and within the framework of Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme, SESRIC will organise the Study Visit on ‘Gender Statistics’ to Sudan for the benefit of the Libyan Bureau of Statistics and Census (LBSC) on 20-22 November 2017. The study visit will be hosted by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of Sudan.
    The study visit will be facilitated by relevant department of CBS of Sudan with the participation of two officials from the LBSC.
    As defined in the Classification of Statistical Activities (CSA Rev. 1 - October 2009;; Gender and special population groups includes the topics on living conditions and role in the society: comparisons men/women and situation of special population groups like children, youth, women, elderly, disabled, minority groups etc.
    The Study Visit will include discussion activities with a focus on the following topics:
    • What is Gender?
    o Gender equality
    o Balance of social exclusion
    o Gender-based violence
    o Gender analysis
    • Review of the Gender Concept
    o Women and development
    o Gender and development
    o Gender statistics
    • Evaluation of Gender Statistics
    • Gender statistics in the labor market
    • Gender Indicators
    • Methodology for extraction of gender indicators
    • Regional initiatives and the national framework
    • How to fill in the questionnaire


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