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    In this sub-section, new forum members can introduce themselves and mention about their expertise fields.

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    The FAQ sections lists the common questions concerning the structure, content, and administration of the forum.

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    This sub-section gives the forum members the opportunity to have small-talks not related to official statistics. It is present in the forum to maintain the participation of the members.

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    In this sub-section, there will be the announcements relevant to the sessions of OIC-StatCom.

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    As the ex-officio members of the OIC-StatCom Bureau, the SESRIC and IDB will under this sub-section announce their events relevant to official statistics.

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    Occasionally, the OIC-StatCom Secretariat receives the events/announcements of other stakeholders including those of the international agencies. To have a broader access to the OIC-StatCom members, these events/announcements will be published under this sub-section.

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    Upon notification by the respective NSOs, the activities/projects of OIC-StatCom members currently being undertaken or planned to be implemented in the future will be announced here. The member NSOs will have the opportunity to post job vacancies for specific projects/tasks also in this section.

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    This section will be the main backbone of the forum giving the opportunity to the forum members to share their experiences, success stories and lessons learnt, and seek answers to their issues in official statistics

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    This sub-section will be used by the forum members to share their experiences, success stories and lessons learnt, and seek answers to their questions to be posted under the following items structured in accordance with the CSA Rev.I-October 2009, an international categorisation of official statistical domains, subject areas, and activity fields

  • Demographic and Social Statistics 0 conversations

    Questions/experiences falling under Population and Migration, Labour, Education, Health, Income and Consumption, Social Protection, Human Settlements and Housing, Justice and Crime, Culture, Political and other Community Activities, and Time Use will be posted here

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    Questions/experiences falling under Macroeconomic Statistics, Business Statistics, Cross-Cutting Economic Statistics, Banking, Insurance, Financial Statistics, Prices, Labour Cost, and Informal Sector will be posted here.

  • Environment and Multi-Domain Statistics 1 conversation

    Questions/experiences falling under Environment Statistics, Regional and Small Area Statistics, Multi-Domain Statistics and Indicators, and Yearbooks and Similar Compendia will be posted here.

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    Methodology of Data Collection, Processing, Dissemination and Analysis: Questions/experiences falling under Metadata, Classifications, Data Sources, Data Editing and Data Linkage, Data Dissemination, Data Warehousing, Statistical Confidentiality and Disclosure Protection, and Data Analysis will be posted here.

  • Strategic and Managerial Issues of Official Statistics 0 conversations

    Questions/experiences falling under Institutional Frameworks and Principles, Statistical Programs; Coordination within Statistical Systems, Quality Frameworks and Measurement of Performance of Statistical Systems and Offices, Management and Development of Human Resources, Management and Development of Technological Resources, Coordination of International Statistical Work and Technical Cooperation and Capacity Building will be posted here

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    This sub-section will be used by the forum members to post their experiences, success stories and lessons learnt, and seek answers to their questions falling under

  • Effective Communication 0 conversations

    Analytical and Critical Thinking, Effective Oral Communication Techniques, and Effective Written Communication Techniques.

  • Leadership and Personal Development in an Official Statistics Setting 0 conversations

    Change Management, Concepts of Leadership, Group Dynamics and Human Behaviour, Mentoring and Career Counselling Mechanisms, Organising Effective Meetings, Team Formation and Management, Time Management, and Understanding the Business of Statistics and Project Management.

  • Stakeholder Relations and Statistical Literacy 0 conversations

    Community Outreach through Social Media for NSOs, Developing Statistical Literacy and Data Awareness Initiatives, Efficient User Complaints Management Systems, and Stakeholder Relationship Management.

  • OIC Water Vision 1 conversation

    This “OIC Water Vision National Focal Points Forum” aims to provide a communications channel amongst the OIC Member States for the development of cooperation and collaboration towards increased water security.

  • StatCaB Programme 167 conversations

    This section is for the announcement of the training programmes to be organised under the StatCaB programme initiated in early 2007 by the SESRIC. The members will be able to view the current training StatCaB programmes and will post their immediate training needs and capacities to be considered within this initiative.